nightrose83 (nightrose83) wrote in little_details,

[ANSWERED]Learning About Sex In Germany before the late 60s

Setting: Flashback to the late 60s/early 70s, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Character is a 13ish year old girl.

Question: I've heard a lot about the Bravo, movies detailing sex in the theatres, and parents/siblings friends teaching people about sex before sex ed became formalized in schools. But my question is, would anything remotely like sex ed been covered in the schools before it formally became part of the curriculum, or would people have learned almost exclusively from media/family? Would young kids in the 60s/70s be taught about body parts as part of their biology classes/taught about labeling the body to learn the parts as kids? Anything anyone can remember, especially specifics, would be great!

Research: This comm, Google with 'sex ed before 1969 Germany,' Wikipedia with the same.'

Tags: 1960-1969, germany: education (misc), germany: history

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