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"Whites only" performances in WWII New York, especially for soldiers?

Setting: details needed for an anecdote taking place in New York City during WWII (though the actual fic is set in the present day, and someone else is telling this story - it's a Captain America/Avengers fanfic)
Searched: Googled various combinations and permutations of "racial discrimination in theaters/performances in 1940s New York".

At this point (mid-WWII), while people have read and heard about the Howling Commandos, there isn't that much video footage or photographs going around, so most people haven't seen them yet. I'm looking specifically of some kind of really upscale, highly-coveted show or restaurant of some kind that would invite Captain America for typical "you're our hero (and hey, great publicity!)" reasons, and invite the Howling Commandos along with him. Steve initially accepts because of how awesome the invite is. But at the last minute, he finds out the establishment is "whites only", and not all of his team would be allowed in, so he passes the seats/tickets along to an all-white unit. But in an attempt to spare anyone embarrassment, Steve is really vague about why he's turning it down. Because he himself is white, this makes his his refusal seem completely random and out of the blue. Are there any good theaters, concert halls, restaurants, ect., that could fit this sort of scenario?

And of the places that might be high-brow and whites only, are there any in particular that might be considered as very conducive to assassination attempts? This entire thing becomes urban legend/apocryphal story fuel when the team 'sent' in his place become victims of what was meant to be an assassination attempt of Captain America on 'home soil'. (To the general public, it looks like Captain America knew about the plot and thwarted it.)

ETA: This is an MCU/Movieverse fic, for clarification. ^_^
Tags: 1940-1949, usa: history (misc), usa: new york: new york city, ~racial prejudice (misc), ~theater, ~world war ii

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