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[ANSWERED] Christmas Traditions in Germany

Hi all,

I've been reading up on Christmas traditions in Germany and wanted some clarifications on some points since you can't trust everything you Google, and many things are region-specific. I'm looking at traditions in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse(n) specifically.

1. On Advent Wreaths:

I found this: which gives a very basic overview of the tradition, but the family I'm writing about is nominally Christian at best ('we go to church for Christmas because it's family tradition to and that's about it,') so is this something they would do? They're Protestant.

2. On Kids and Letters:

I know kids don't leave cookies and such the way they would in English-speaking countries, but I've read they still write letters to whoever's going to visit them on Christmas Eve. But, in the 50s-60s, did most kids post their letters or put them by windows/under pillows?

3. Erntedank:

I read up on this and it seems more like a rural/church oriented observation (I also read somewhere that most German experiences with it are more through TV unless they're church-going/live in a rural area). I wanted to make sure that was correct, and wondered what the people who do celebrate it do?

Googled: Erntedank observations, Advent Wreath, customs for the Advent Wreath, Christmas in Germany, Christmas in Frankfurt am Main

Thanks everyone! Please note: Due to computer problems, further replies will probably not be looked at until a later date; I'm still open to PMs. Thanks!
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