Luna Tiger (blackstronghold) wrote in little_details,
Luna Tiger

Facial injuries

So, there's this 10-year-old boy who's going to be attacked by a birdie. It's small by their standards, large by ours. Not the point.

The bird is two-toed, two in the front, one in the back, and its talons are decent enough to somewhat rip through soft tissue. It attacks the boy, aiming for the eye, and resulting wounds are one tear from just under the cheekbone to the underside of the eye, and the other two are from mid-forehead to the edge of the brow. The eye is fine. The talons are...mmm, maybe 1/3 an inch in width at its base. Maybe some bone fractures in the cheek, but overall I'm aiming to leave scars on his face.

Can anyone tell me how profusive the bleeding's going to be (and if he could bleed to death in the short run; if so, how long would it take?), how badly it'll need medical attention (by somewhat modern standards), how much time it might need to heal, and what else besides gauze, antibacterial meds/painkillers, and an 'eye patch' would this patch-up job need?

I'd ask Google, but o_O I wouldn't know where to begin.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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