Fish Eye no Miko (fenm) wrote in little_details,
Fish Eye no Miko

Indoor pine scent in Medieval Scandinavia

Hey, all!

So, I'm writing a How to Train Your Dragon fic involving the senses. One of the things I'd like to do is have Hiccup smell the scene of pine even indoors. I want it to either be small enough he can hold it (I have considered having him just waving some pine needles under his nose) or have it be something that will waft throughout the room.

I checked "homemade pine scent", but even for "homemade" things there was a lot of stuff about chemicals and essential oils and other things I don't think Hiccup wold know about or have access to.

I did read that pine cones in a fire can do this, but if anyone else has any other ideas, please feel free to share.

E.T.A.: I've found an answer! I'm going to take sushidog's suggestion and have Hiccup brew up some pine needle tea. (-:

Thank you so much for all the suggestions!
Tags: europe: scandinavia, ~vikings

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