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Falling Down Stairs (Injuries and Recovery)

Hello. My story takes place in a modern day school. My character is seventeen years old and he got in a violent argument that ended with him being pushed down a staircase. This accident happened in a secluded part of the school during class time, so no one was around to witness the event firsthand, though two of his friends do eventually find him and call for help. His arm sort of acted as a cushion and prevented him from hitting his head directly on the ground below. I think he would still have a concussion from hitting the steps before falling on the ground.

I've googled what sort of injuries are common from this type of accident and, after wading through lawyer pages and statistics, decided that he would definitely have an arm fracture as well as some bruising and minor cuts. He didn't fall from the very top, but the way he fell is what resulted in his broken arm.

I checked through medical sites for pictures and descriptions of these type of injuries. I read about people who have had broken arms and what if felt like, as well as their recovery period. I have most of it down, but there I still have a few questions that I couldn't get specific answers on.

1. After the arm has healed and the cast removed, how long does it take to resume normal activities? I read that after recovery from a fracture, the injured party may not be able to do some things normally for a while. My character is a musician and plays the guitar. Would he be able to play as soon as he got the cast off or would he require some time and physical therapy? Even after everything has healed, is it possible that he may not be able to play at the same skill level again?

2. What exactly happens at the hospital? Would he be kept under observation for a bit and then sent home, or would he be there for a while? Would he be given any type of medication? If so, what sort of effects would the medication have on him (make him really sleepy, a little too happy, ect.)?
Edit: Thank you all for your wonderful help! I really appreciate it. ^_^
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