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Blindness due to Chemical Burns and Keratoplasty

Setting is present day in the UK.

My MC went blind due to chemical burns from an explosion. Several layers of his eye was burned, but his optic nerves are intact.

He's at his first week check up and I am struggling a bit for what the doctor would say to him. Would he mention Keratoplasty (transplant surgery), or would that have been mentioned before he was discharged from the hospital the first time?

I would love for there to be a reason why he isn't eligible for the surgery after getting his hopes up that it is a possibility. But I can't find any reasons online.

Also, I had read that the eyes don't always become cloudy. But for a burn this bad, would there be some cloudiness after a week or so?

And I have been reading conflicting reports about having the eyes bandaged. Since his optic nerves are working, his eyes still react to light, so he has to use dilating eye drops when his bandages are removed. But he decided he didn't need this after like 4 days. <--does that sound plausible?

I've done a lot of searching for Keratoplasty Chemical Burns blindness, surgery, transplants, ocular burns, etc. Most of the Keratoplasty info I find deals with blindness from a young age, rather than a recent injury. I also found a lot of info about treatments and such, but not enough detail for blindness.

Thanks for any help you can give me! Even if just better search terms.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: eye injuries

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