Tora (torakowalski) wrote in little_details,

Field Amputation

Setting: Russia, modern-day.

My characters are on the run and have recently been in an accident. I need one character to be able to amputate the other's arm above the elbow, but I need the amputee to not bleed to death. They have no medical equipment with them and they're currently holed-up in a warehouse. They're government agents with a lot of skills and like to prepare for anything, so I can give them any kind of first aid kit etc that could reasonably be carried in a backpack.

Does anyone know the best way to treat the amputee to keep him alive until help comes, approximately 36 hours later? (I can shorten this time somewhat if it isn't feasible.) He's an otherwise fit and healthy man in his mid-20s.

Search terms tried: amputation, field amputation, amputation triage.

Thank you!
Tags: russia (misc), ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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