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Need an Injury for a Magical Doctor

Hello, little_details! I'm hoping you can give me some suggestions for my novel.

Background info: My main character is a doctor. He also has the power to heal - it's tied into his own energy, so the more he heals, the more tired he gets. Also, this is an anthropomorphic world, so I have some leeway when it comes to anatomy.
Scene: There has been an explosion. Most of the injured have been removed, but for the story's sake one has been missed. My doctor is going to use his magic to heal him, and I want it bad enough that the effort makes him pass out, which I think requires the patient to have injuries that would kill him if not treated, possibly even if treated.
I'd like to have something obvious about it - so that everyone can see that this person is gravely injured, preferably something that my doctor's magic and training can visibly fix. Basically, this is him revealing the limits of his power to those who didn't know just how far he could go. So far, I was using badly broken ribs that nearly punctured his lungs, but it's not very obvious to anyone without training as far as I know, and I'm not happy with it. He also has hemorrhaging, which I've been vague about in-story. Right now, also, he's being hidden/partially pinned down by a block, which can be limited to breaking an arm/leg. I've heard of things like emergency tracheotomies and such, but I know nothing of first aid beyond the basics to describe one, or what would require one, but something that extreme would be a good start. Any and all of his injuries can be changed.
Searching: I have very little medical know-how and I'm not sure what would come off as impressive but plausible and what would break suspension of disbelief, so googling has been of little help. I have tried google-ing 'Emergency Medical Action' and 'Emergency Medical Procedures', but got little actual help.
I apologize if I haven't given enough information, been confusing, or been too vague, I can clarify in the comments if I have been.
Any ideas, little_details?
Tags: ~medicine (misc), ~medicine: injuries to order

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