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Burn Scarring, Aftermath, and a Minor Clothing Question

All right. I searched through the medicine: burns and smoke inhilations, but I need some more help.

I have three characters, in three different worlds that are all set in various 'time periods', that all have burn injuries.

One also has shrapnel injury, but that is the straight 'Modernish Day' one.

The 'clothing' tag has to do with a side-bar question about what would be used in a Fantasy MishMash story for boot laces, due to the fact my friend may have lied to me (not surprising; why are they my friend again?).

My brain can't do one thing at once because it is my brain, and, warning, I do make 'refrences' to pop culture characters because when I do a visualization, I can go 'on a scale of X, am I at Character A level or Character B level' instead of 'on a scale of one to ten, how bad is this about to be?'

Scenario One (Fantasy-Modernish Day; circa 2000 when the story starts)

The first scenario has to deal with a girl who has burn scars from being caught in a fire at the age of seven/eight, leaving her with a fear of fire (naturally).

She got caught in the fire after getting dressed for bed, but not before she got in bed, and she got trapped, saved at the last minute by a firefighter who had heard her screaming (the 'fantasy' part is that she didn't pass out from smoke inhilation, it is part of the plot, please don't nit-pick at that if only because most of the plot hingest on her fear of fire and the fact she didn't pass out from smoke inhilation).

Right now, story wise she has burn scarring on her back, left arm, and up her neck, touching her face, but the face and neck are not Two-Face (Nolan-verse) bad.

Now, I could be wrong. She could have gotten skin grafts and she might not have scarring, but part of the plot hinges on the scarring and I know that the burns were severe enough that where most of the burns are, she lost her nerve endings, so I would also need help in figuring out if they would be sensitive or not, if they would have a ripple or marbled effect (sort-of like how V's hands look in the movie V for Vendetta).

I don't know what degree burns those are and I honestly don't know how she would handle it. I can't find any sites that help, mostly because I have a lack of knowledge of even the type of degree burns that they would be.

Scenario Two (Fantasy/Mystic World That Has No Date and is a Mish-Mash of Various Time Periods throughout the world)

This is more a 'is this realistic' question.

The main character saved a rather abusive person from a fire in a 'Who Are You in the Dark' moment.

If he had left the guy to die, no one would have known.

However, the guy is abusive, is a drunk and is lazy. He's not a nice guy. The main character probably would have been commended for leaving him to burn.

Beside the point.

His boot catches on fire and he's remembered, not by his name (he was young and never gave it, accepting whatever name people called him), but by the scar that was left behind, which goes across his foot, skips his ankle, and then goes up his leg to stop just below his knee where the laces had burned through, since his boots were thicker elsewhere. Metal was not used, it was the laces themselves, which were deer hide made into laces (I have a friend who has used deer hide as such, but if he was lying to me, please tell me so I can replace the laces properly), had been burned through and burned him.

Right now, the burns are still red, despite being old. I am going for this being a real fire over a magic fire, but if they wouldn't be red, what color would they be? And would he walk with a limp due to the fact he can't fully move his foot or would the scars not be 'tight' enough to effect his walking?

Scenario Three (Modernish Day; set before DADT repeal)

The last scenario is the one I am most worried about.

An ex-Army Ranger was caught in an explosion he miraculously survived from. He got bad burns along his left arm, across his back and starting down his right arm, along with shrapnel in that area, protecting his buddy.

The buddy isn't really that great of a buddy and plot insues (but it gets better).

Sorry, rambling.

Anyway, I need to know how bad the burns would be, degree wise, if they would leave scars or not, and, on scar sensitivity, would he still have problems 20 years down the road?

He's rather young (24-28; still debating age) when he gets injured and the epilogue takes place about 20 years later, give or take, so he got injured during the '90s (which is Modernish Day).


I put it under cuts due to length.

I greatly appreciate your help.

If I worded anything wrong, I will gladly edit for better clarity.

I mainly used Google to find sites, because my access to medical journals is non-existant.

A few sites I found, that didn't really help (a blog of someone recoving from burns would be helpful), but one was Discovery Health, which was aid in how to keep burns from scarring, but wasn't what I needed. I also did a search for skin grafts and got a basic outline of what they were used for.

I also found a site about a 'derma roller'...which didn't help and made me even more confused.

I also found which involved burn scars, but it was blurb info that I already knew, along with how to cover them up and how to prevent the scarring or make it less visable.

Most of the sites I found had to do with preventing burn scars or how to make them fade, which didn't help.

I also mostly got info on burn scars that had a liquid base in gasoline or alcohol, which also isn't helpful (unless I shift the second scenario to having the boot splashed in alochol).

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