Vanessa du Frat (ness_du_frat) wrote in little_details,
Vanessa du Frat

Dislocated shoulder

It's me again. This time, I have a character who had a dislocated shoulder after a fall (not the same one that fell from three stories and is currently dying in the hospital, poor thing). My question is : the shoulder dislocation will be reduced, but I'd like to know if it's possible for the doctors to know the shoulder was dislocated, even though the dislocation has been reduced at once.
She is lost in a forest, she falls pretty hard on her shoulder, the shoulder is dislocated, luckily somebody is with her and knows how to fix her shoulder. But she has no way to rest her arm, since she must go on walking and needs her two arms. She is finally brought to the hospital (for another reason) with multiple superficial wounds (from thorns and stuff like that). I guess her arm still hurts (I never dislocated my shoulder, so I wouldn't know how it is after it's been reduced), but she doesn't speak the same language as the people in the hospital and they have no way to communicate. Would the doctors notice she had a dislocation 12 hours ago? If so, how would they discover that, and what would they do? (she has no lesion or damage, so basicaly she can use her arm provided she doesn't put too much strain on it. Am I right?)
I've been looking for some articles on shoulder dislocation, how to reduce a shoulder dislocation, the treatments afterwards. But it's difficult to find out if it can be noticed. For example, I know old fractures can be seen on x-rays. It's not the same with shoulder dislocation since no broken bones are involved.
Thanks for all advice !

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