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Conscription in Turkey

Hello! This is my first time posting to this (extremely helpful) community. Anyway, I'm writing a book, and one of the characters is Turkish. Due to many an issue (you can imagine your own, it's never made clear what happened), he's ended up in London, England. He's twenty years old, and has been living there for two years, working part-time as a cleaner (during the evenings) and full time at a waiter at a restaurant (during the day). He has no family-his mother left when he was young, his father killed himself (via hanging) due to depression, and his little brother drowned in an accident when they were very young (I appeared determined to traumatize him...). Now, partway through the book he takes a bullet to the knee and ends up with a metal plate in it after surgery. He also suffers from a very shallow stab wound to the back of his shoulder.
He's also bisexual, but never plans on telling anyone in Turkey.
What I know (some of this stuff will seem irrelevant at first-but it will make sense after a bit!) and what you can say is totally wrong:
  1. The Turkish military discriminates against gays and bisexuals
  2. Turkey has conscription

My questions are as follows:

  • Would he be allowed to move out of Turkey when eighteen after making it obvious that there were problems with him living there?
  • Would the Turkish government try to get him back to do his service? Would the English government try to send him back to do his service?
  • After his injuries would there be anything he could do in the Turkish military? If so what? Would they even want him? Assume he recovers as completely as possible.
  • Anything else I should think about?
I can change him around a bit, but preferably not to much. And he has to be in England!
He's lived in England for two years now, working just about all the time. I can change the amount of time he's lived in England around, his jobs and his wounds.
Research wise I've used:
  • Wikipedia-articles on conscription in Turkey and it's army
  • BBC news-they have some articles on the Turkish military
Thanks in advance!
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