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Secondary cancer/osteosarcoma - symptoms & medication

This is my first time posting here... let's see how it goes...

my character had been diagnosed and treated for testicular cancer at an earlier stage. He had the infected testical removed and has gone through radiation therapy. Now, ten/eleven years after that first infection, he has been diagnosed with an osteosarcoma which has already spread and he had now been given the diagnoses that the disease will be terminal.

My research so far:
I wanted to give the character secondary cancer. So I went to various cancer research sites to figure out which form of cancer would be a result for an earlier testicular cancer. Which where I came up with the osteosarcoma. Although the tumor to around the shoulder joint is very rare but fit better with the story. I've also learned that radiation treatment might be a cause of 2nd cancer, so that worked as well.
More radiation, followed by chemotherapy appeared to be the likely treatment, so I went with that.

Open questions:
- given that the treatment has been unsucessful and the character has been told the cancer will be terminal, what would the likely progression be like?
- what kind of symptoms would the character have?
- what kind of medication and for what?

This is "just" going to be for a fanfic so there probably won't be too much medical detail but I need the character to explain to his partner what is going on in his life. Does that make sense?
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses: cancers

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