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[ANON POST] Police jurisdiction and lingo, modern-day Maryland

Setting: Rural Maryland, USA, 2008 - a convenience store just off I-81.

My two main characters are having a fairly innocent makeout session in their car; the owner of the convenience store has apparently called the police, assuming there's more going on. A policeman approaches the MCs and, after an odd conversation, basically just tells them to break it up and move along.

What I need to know is:
- The store is located just off the interstate, outside the city limits. Would the cop be from the local/city police, county police, or a state trooper?
- At one point, the cop reports back to dispatch that the call can be closed. Are numerical codes still in common use, or would he say "indecent exposure"?
- If he uses codes: some sites say "indecent exposure" is "G1", some say it's "1700". (Looking specifically for codes used in Maryland; the California code system keeps popping up when I try to search more generally.) Which is the proper code?

Search terms: local police jurisdiction outside city limits, police jurisdiction on interstate highway, washington county maryland police codes, police radio codes.
Also searched various local government/service sites.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: maryland

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