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PT exercises to recover from being forced to a stress position

My apologies for posting again so soon, but it was really helpful last time. This time I have questions about Physical Therapy/PT exercises. I've looked in the archives and see some questions about stress positions as torture methods which is relevant here. That said, I'd like to know with a bit more detail how one comes back from that sort of thing, if it's on the much milder side (i.e. half a day of a stress position, rather than three days or something like that)

My character, who is an athlete, has been forced to sit cross legged with her back at a forty-five degree angle from the floor (so leaning forward) for about half a day and change in a cage type of set up. I'm assuming a day or half a day would be enough for this to become extremely painful (I gratefully accept corrections--should I do more/less?), without it becoming critical. I'd like her up as soon as possible.

1)I'm assuming she'd have to be treated, is my assumption correct? Basically how much would she have to undergo to need treatment (a day? a day and change?) I know it varies, but I welcome estimates.

2)If she's taken out of that environment for treatment, my question is, what would that treatment entail? I'm assuming the center/hospital where she'd be taken would have her get a back/leg massage to work on circulation issues and muscle cramping (?) and start her up with some stretches and exercises. What would those look like?

I've looked at "physiotherapy and torture" (but there is a lot on long term rehab).
I've looked at "physiotherapy and massage" (a lot here on sports rehab)
"Damage from stress positions" (this leads to torture stuff)

The problem is knowing how to weed through the tons of stuff that comes up, which runs the gamut from serious rehabilitation to dealing with back pain induced by long period of computer usage ^_^ Anything helps.

As always, thanks in advance!
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