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Piano questio

I'm looking for a little help from any pianists/musicians out there. TIA to anyone with ideas on how to resolve this problem, or new searches I can try and do so on my own.

I'm working on a contemporary Christmas story and here's my problem: two men are sitting at the piano and A will play the left hand part while B plays the right. A begins Silent Night, but doesn't tell B that's what he's playing. What carol would B think of based on what he's hearing from the left hand of A? B has to jump in, but he can't get the carol right because that's just too on-the-nose even for these two.

I've googled “left hand piano notes” and “left hand piano part” for a bunch of carols hoping to find one that looks similar enough but so far, no dice. Maybe that's because although my character is an amazing musician I, sadly, am not.

If I have to choose another carol Silent Night can go. Any two carols that sound enough alike in the right (er, correct) way will be fine. I just need it to be plausible – the last thing I want is for a musician (editors play too! :)) to call b. s. on my scene. It's near the emotional climax & any readers need to be thinking about that, not that I should've done more research.

Thanks a million!  :)


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