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Arm Injury During Kendo Match/Playing Kendo Despite an Injury

Setting: A Japanese high school in a futuristic/Cyberpunk world (maybe two hundred years or so more advanced than modern day)
Search Terms Used: "common arm injuries in kendo," "playing kendo with an injured arm," "dirty kendo strikes," "kendo cheap shots"

I have a character who is on her school's kendo team. I've been doing a lot of research since I know next to nothing about it, and by and large I'm getting all of my questions answered - but there's a few details that have me stumped, and quite frankly they're so specific I don't know how I'd begin to search for answers.

Here's the scenario I'm hoping for: I need this character to sustain an arm injury during a match, preferably at the hands of her opponent, that would typically be ruled as an incapacitating injury. I don't have a specific injury in mind at this point, but I'm thinking something along the lines of a broken/sprained wrist or a dislocated shoulder - something that isn't necessarily career ending, but should take long enough to heal that it would effectively keep her out of the of the tournament. I'm open to suggestions. However, because of Plot Circumstances, she knows she can't afford to lose the match or to drop out of the tournament. So despite the doctor ruling her unfit to continue, she goes back out there and badasses her way to victory (both in this match and throughout the tournament) with only one good arm.

However, in my reading, I've hit a few snags:

First of all, according to my research, if a competitor is injured in a match in such a way that they are unable to continue, and it is ruled to have been caused by their opponent, the opponent is disqualified and the injured party wins by default. So would it be possible for her opponent to deliberately do something to injure her that's subtle enough that the referees don't catch it? If so, what sort of injuries could my character be facing?

Second, is there some kind of precedent for a competitor to continue after sustaining that sort of injury, or does the doctor's evaluation override everything? If it was her dominant arm that was injured, would it be possible for her to switch the hand with which she holds her shinai without being penalized? It seems that form and posture are considered highly important when evaluating whether or not a strike is valid, so would the fact that she wouldn't be able to use her other arm much during the match be held against her?

Since the fic is set a few hundred years in the future, I probably have some wiggle room to work with as far as rules go. But I'd like to keep the rules as close to their traditional form as possible.

Is there anybody who can help me with this?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries to order, ~sports (misc)

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