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[ANON POST] Jewish funerals and mourning practices

When: January 1950, slightly alternate history

Where: Syracuse, NY

What: MC is (Conservative) Jewish, 25 years old, and his father has recently died (unpremeditated murder; it's complicated). I'm writing the story in short sections, and I'd like to have a scene set at the funeral, but, in spite of the research I've tried doing, I'm still having trouble getting a coherent picture of the order of events. (Eulogy, procession to gravesite, etc. . . . ?) If someone could give a sort of step-by-step of how the typical smallish funeral would be conducted, that would be great. It would also be great if I could get some suggestions about what would be the best part of the funeral to focus on for the story; for the sake of drama, I'd like it to be some particularly emotional point. (If it matters, he's an only child, there with his mother; other close relatives are either deceased or living too far away to make it in time.)

Also, MC is in a workplace environment where obvious signs of mourning, such as keriah and not shaving or getting a haircut for at least 30 days, wouldn't be very well accepted. I'm guessing that he can get along with a torn ribbon for the former, and that the latter maybe can be relaxed, since he's not Orthodox, although conscientious?

I offer, in advance, thanks for any help and apologies for any ignorance I may have betrayed!

Resources used: search terms such as "jewish funerals," "funerals in judaism"; the Wikipedia page on "Bereavement in Judaism"; Chabad.org; the Judaism 101 and Jewish FAQ sites; some eHow pages
Tags: usa: new york (misc), ~funerals, ~religion: judaism

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