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Just threw a character across what?

Story: Fantasy/Supernatural
Setting: Modern day California

I’m trying to write a hospital scene following a female character’s injury. The injury was a caused by magical means so the power behind it was strong. The problem is, I know very little about this topic.

Here’s What Happened: (written from the POV of one infecting the injury) He didn’t even register the action of moving his arm across his body or that the women was thrown into the air with a scream, or that she followed the same path made by his hand, or that when she finally hit the ground, after her head collided with the sharp edge of a table, that she lay there motionless.  

Later when asked how the female character is doing the answer that is given is as follows: “They said she’s stable; which mean’s she’s still unconscious; and that she lost a lot of blood and broke a few bones, and they’re concerned about the possibility of internal bleeding.”

Edit: Character is 5' 7" and 130 lbs. As to how much force there was in the throwing of her; I thought about it as wind (i don't know if that helps) so on the Beaufort wind force scale she was thrown with gale force winds so, 39–46 mph over a space of about twenty-eight-feet. (provided all things considered it wouldn't kill her upon hitting the ground)

Question 1: how much damage will be thrown across the room like that cause? (I could also make it worse, like she hits a few more things before hitting the table, and the ground.)

What I’m going for I think is the maximum damage without it being fatal (but it can appear like it will be), and without long term side-effects. Really this is a side plot and is more meant to worry the readers and other characters then be harmful to the female character.  She can be in the hospital for a while, if need be, but after a few weeks tops, then she needs to be out of the hospital with nothing wrong, save for something maybe in a cast.

Question 2: is the explanation I gave for the character’s present condition in the hospital even accurate?
I imagine she would be in surgery; for what I don’t know; and then put under observation afterward because of the head injury, but I’m not sure what would happen in this type of situation once at the hospital.  

Question 3: Friend visiting her in the hospital?
Ok so I’ve only been in a hospital twice to visit a grandparent who was dying of cancer and that wasn’t the chaos of the ER I’d imagine would be happening during this scene, but I’m not sure. Anyway, once the character was out of surgery would her friend be able to see her even if she’s not awake? Would there be nurses and doctors running in all the time or would they be left alone with only a few interruptions?

Question 4: Her appearance post surgery?
I’d imagined a bruise on her forehead where she hit the table around the stitches; if there are any? I was wondering if she’d be hooked up to anything. Like have an IV, or have the oxygen thing in her nose, or maybe a blood transfusion?  I really don’t know at all, but what her friend sees when he enters the hospital room is very important.

Question 5: What would happen when she woke up?
She wakes up when the friend is still there. What would she be like? What would happen, would doctors rush in, or would he have to call a nurse? What would the doctors check when they got into the room and would the friend be allowed to stay?

Searched: I searched Google for head trauma, broken bones, head injury and blood loss.   

Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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