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Little soldier, Russian

While scouring google and yahoo for answers I stumbled upon this community and I'm hoping you can help me.

I've searched 'Russian endearments' 'Russian endearments for females' 'Russian insults' 'Russian insults as endearments' and 'Russian to English dictionary'

The story is set during the present day, at a college somewhere in America. (Haven't really decided where, and really, other than seasonal descriptions, it doesn't really matter). The male is Russian, grew up near St. Petersberg. The female is American, but moved a lot because her father was in the military. Their relationship starts out very rough, with them always fighting, followed by friendship, and eventually love. So, here are my questions.

First, does "moy malinky saldat" (please excuse poor transliteration, I'm doing this by ear) mean "my little soldier"? Would it be used as an endearment? Is their a feminine variation? Like a man calling a woman he's close to that? I know it probably sounds odd for a woman to be called something like that, but it fits her character very well.

Secondly, do Russians ever use insults as endearments, the way an American might call a loved one a fool in an exasperated, yet loving manner? What would be the best way to do that, again male to female? I've found several sites for Russian insults, but I'm a little leery of using them without knowing for certain.

Third, as the female character is a rather defensive character, she tends to address the male character by just about anything other than his actual name, at first rudely, but later affectionately. Would calling him "Red" or "Sputnik" be terribly inappropriate?

Forth, is it true that, due to the way the language can be conjugated and put together, you can literally have an entire sentence made up of nothing but swear words? This last one is more of a perspective thing, as the female is said to be "able to out swear any sailor in the world" by her friends.

Thank you all so much for any help you can give me. I've been trying to find these answers for months now and just haven't had any luck.
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