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Medieval cotton mills

I need help finding a good, detailed description of a medieval cotton mill/fulling mill/cotton manufacture... whatever it is called. Last month, in the Hamburg Museum of History, I saw a fantastic small-cale model of such a manufacture, representing every single phase of the work, but so far failed to find a description, either in German or in English.

I've googled the following phrases:
- medieval cotton manufactures
- cotton mills in medieval Hamburg
- medieval cotton mills
- cotton manufactures in medieval Europe

I also checked out the museum's website, to find at least a picture of the model, so that I might stitch together a description on my own, but no luck, so far. The books of Joseph and Frances Gies about all things medieval didn't yield the exact things I needed, either.

Could someone help me finding the right website that might help? I need this for a Tolkienverse story in which a clothes merchant travels around various merchant towns of Gondor so the location doesn't play any role.

Thanks in advance.
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