benbenberi (benbenberi) wrote in little_details,

Pistol ball through upper arm - recovery timeline

I have a character in the mid-17th century who has been shot. A pistol ball (lucky shot, fired from a distance as he galloped away) passed through the muscle of his upper arm. It bled quite a bit. Given that it's the 17th century and he's on the run, the treatment he gets is pretty rudimentary. But he's a lucky bastard: no infection.

My question: what would be a best-case recovery scenario from this wound? How much (if any) use of the arm might he have 5 or 6 days later? What would the state of it be after a month? After two or three months?

Google: bullet wound in the arm healing, + the usual medical references & relevant threads in this com
Tags: europe: history, history (misc), ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~medicine: injuries: historical

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