M. C. A. Hogarth (haikujaguar) wrote in little_details,
M. C. A. Hogarth

Really Tiny Town Infrastructure

My Google fu has failed me, so I thought I would turn to you fine folks to ask about what town services are like in really really small towns in the US (populations less than 300). I am assuming police officers are borrowed from the county and don't actually live in town and that firefighters are volunteers. I'm not sure what the civil services are like (I can't imagine there's a jail or a judge or much by way of officials). I'm not even sure where 911 directs people when they dial it...! I also assume hospitals are out of town.

Schools, though, I couldn't find much about either. At least, not for towns that probably have only about 20 kids...

Anyone have any information on what it's like in really small towns like this? Both from a general perspective and an infrastructure perspective?

My search terms:

small town police
police hierarchy
police duties
really small town services
small town life
really small town life
small town schools
towns under 300 population

...and a few more I have forgotten by now.

(For context, I'll be using this information in my next novel, which will be serialized on Livejournal/my blog starting in late September! So you could ostensibly come see the results of your suggestions then.)

Thanks, everyone!

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