silvercat17 (silvercat17) wrote in little_details,

Psychiatric tests & terms

I have a character who is in a mental institution, after committing quite a number of crimes. (He was a serial killer, although he did other things too). His psychiatrist wants to run him through some tests, but I'm not sure what to do, or what the standard ones would be.

One other question. He's got basically no interior landscape. He has no imagination, he doesn't daydream, etc. (I'm exaggerating a touch, but not much). What would that be called? It's not alexithymia, because he has emotions and can identify them and stuff, although he doesn't show them really at all.

The setting is modern US, in California, more or less (it's not, I'm using those as place holders, but it corresponds).


Search terms: psychiatric tests, psychology tests, alexithymia, psychology no imagination, and variations thereof
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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