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Looking for information regarding a hostage situation

I'm not really sure how to look for this, but I figured someone here might know.

I'm working on a fic for my spn gen big bang and I want to be sure about something before I start writing.

In my story Sam and Dean get spotted by the police and end up trapped in a MacDonalds in a mall. They have no choice but to take the people inside the MacDonalds hostage.(in the show a bunch of shapeshifters pretending to be them went on a killing spree, so the Winchesters themselves would be seen as mass murderers and the cops would assume that they're likely to kill the hostages if given the chance)

In a case like that, with two men who are seen as dangerous psychopaths, ready to be triggered into a killing spree in an instant, how likely is the police to try and negotiate. I figure the feds would get involved, even if only because the previous mentioned killing spree went across states. Would the fact that over half of the hostages are children make a difference?

That aside and more importantly, I want both the Winchesters and their hostages to have seen footage of said previously mentioned killing spree. I'd like to have Dean use a TV screen at the MacDonalds to find out information on what's going on outside, and the news to be showing said footage. Thus terrifying the hostages even more.

How likely is it for that TV to be there in the restaurant in the first place, and if it is, how likely is it for the power to still be working? Should I mention something about an in-store generator?

Or should I just have them listen to the radio?

This situation would happen in present day, about a year from now, and in Minnesota (not that that part matters, except for the part where I want it to be in a state without death penalty)

Search terms used: MacDonalds Minnesota Mall generators hostage situation
Tags: usa (misc), usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: government: law enforcement: fbi, usa: minnesota, ~fugitives, ~journalism, ~restaurants & pubs

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