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Moderately incapacitating injury for Greek mythology crossover fanfic

Setting: Ancient Greece, more or less.

I need an injury for my POV character. Trouble is, I'm extremely squeamish, and I've been making myself feel rather ill by looking through the entries here. So, since it will only take up a couple of paras in the fic, I wonder if anyone can help me out with something suitable?

My MC is an experienced soldier but is at a low ebb at the time of the fight. His opponent, who is less experienced though younger and quicker, is defeated in the course of the fight. After killing his opponent MC has a short conversation with a dragon [ETA: This is an old-fashioned terrifying dragon, not the modern flying-pony variety], during which he'll have to be more or less coherent, and shortly after that the dragon will roar him back to his friends. Soon afterwards, he'll be in the care of Chiron and Aesculapius.

MC is used to combat in all its forms, from chivalric to tavern brawling. His opponent is deeply unpleasant.

Any suggestions warmly welcomed as long as they don't include links to pictures in Technicolour.

Searched: Fight scenes in the Argonautica, the Iliad and the Aeneid, plus tags here: injuries to order, stab wounds to order (it doesn't have to be a stab wound.)

Tags: greece (misc), ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds, ~religion: ancient greek

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