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Meth babies and NICU care.

I have a few questions about a baby who would be born to an addicted mother (probably heroin and methamphetamine) that was born a couple of weeks early after the mother was beaten. The mother delivered the premie via c-section and later on died. How long would the child be in the NICU and what would be some of the things that may be affecting him later on in life? He is the child of two addicts (the father will come later on in the picture, a recovering addict) so I'm guessing he could have addiction in him already but anything else? Any visible signs of his/her parent's addictions?  

I've searched the following websites:

And while they've been extremely helpful with any future signs I was wondering if anyone could add anything and none have the premature+addicted time lapsed in the hospital. Since the father wasn't known they'd keep him there for a while but, through further investigation of the woman's assault they'd eventually find him. I want this, also, to happen before the child goes into foster care. 
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~custody & social services, ~medicine: drugs, ~recreational drugs

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