Dagmara (daguchna) wrote in little_details,

Alcohol induced coma treatment in early 70s.

Setting: London, early 70s, probably circa 1971.
Search terms: alcohol(ic) coma treatment, alcohol(ic) coma 1970s, alcohol-induced coma 1970s
Details: one of main characters, heavy drinker with a tendency to drug use falls in coma because of acute alcohol intoxication, with renal insufficiency and possibility of brain damage. I would like to know everything about treatment and medical equipment used in such cases at that time. Would he had any chances of recovery?

I found some texts about both alcohol intoxication and alcohol coma, but all described the treatment used today. Only one was about treatment in late 60s (text dated to 1966), but I suppose that within a few years it may have been changed. In addition, I have no idea how in those days looked equipemnt, which would be used in such a situation, and I care for relatively accurate describing it.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: 1970-1979, ~booze, ~medicine: coma, ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: poisoning

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