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Interrogation/Interview of Suspect/Person of interest

Setting: Modern day USA, undecided state near Ohio
Search terms: police interrogation procedure, police interview questioning, (dif combinations of those 2), questioning procedure out of state, questioning procedure different states, interrogation out of state, police interrogation interview

Peter, my MC, was at a wedding and left just seconds before his uncle was murdered in the parking lot of the country club where the wedding took place. Peter and his uncle also had a violent argument during the wedding, so the police need to question him. However, he's driven back to his home in Ohio, so I don't know exactly how this will happen.

1) How does questioning a person of interest who lives in a different state work? Will the police call him and ask him to come down to the station immediately, or within the week or something?

2) Also, would he be a suspect since he had a violent argument with the victim and then was in the same area around the victim around the time of death? Or would he be a person of interest since there's no hard evidence?

3) Would the police interrogate or interview him? I looked up the two terms, and though I found that interrogations are more often for suspects rather than persons of interest, I'm still not very clear on which would apply to him.

If you can answer any of these, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

Edit: My MC's brother was also at the wedding, and the police have taken him in for questioning. Is it possible they can just get my MC's phone number from his brother and just call him down?
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~law enforcement (misc)

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