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Putting the cart before the horse, literally.

I'm writing a fantasy story (not Earth, but an Earth-like fantastical world) where it is common practice to "rent" horse carriages for temporary use, with one's own horses. The coachman will come by your stables with the carriage (pulled by a company horse), set it up with your horse(s), ride it up to your home, then drop it off for you to take over.

My question is, is it feasible for him to somehow tether _his_ horse (safely) to the back of the carriage, following along, so he can then ride back once he's dropped the carriage off? If so, what's the practice? If it is not feasible, I will simply have a second person follow after him with the company horse (I might do that anyway; I just want to know if this is POSSIBLE to do safely).

Google searches for "cart before horse," "safe horse tethering," and "tethering horse to back of cart" come up with some amusing and also some truly horrifying results, but nothing related to what I'm trying to find out.
Tags: ~animals: horses, ~history (misc), ~travel: pre-modern overland, ~victorian era

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