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looking for isolating disasters

Terms searched: disasters that isolate; isolative disasters;

I need to isolate about 2000 people in a large hotel for 6 mos or better. They'll end up growing their own veggies and eating from tins, but I need to make them unreachable (and unable to get out) for that amount of time. The rest of the world can be ok - but they need to be unreachable. We're talking West Coast of US.

Any ideas? I'm having trouble finding something that doesn't also destroy where they are - the area buildings should stay standing, they should be able to grow their own food/eat from tins - but there should be no way for them to interact with whatever might be left of the outside world...

Edit 1: Buildings all good - only people gone - the idea is that this group needs to function without outside help for at least 6 mos...

Edit 2: I'm a dork - this is SF/F - I just spent a weekend at an SF con, so that was a given - what, you didn't all *know* that? ;>. (oops)
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