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leg fracture in result of a car crash (initial treatment and long-term effects)

Hiya, guys! I'm writing a fic, set in roundabout 2007 in the US. One of the main characters gets injured in a car crash (I've written it as a t-bone crash, but that can be changed if need be). He's supposed to suffer a leg injury, a fracture to be exact, that will have long-term effects. Nothing to severe, residual pain and numbness, maybe stiff limbs. I'm not set on much, and I'm willing to change the details, but I want it to be as realistic as possible.

What I'm planing to inflict on the poor guy right now is a femural fracture, partly because I found two 100-pages-essays about treatment and possible effects. What I want to know now is the following:

- Is it likely for a femural fracture to occur in a t-bone-crash? The way I've written it so far, the other car crashed into the character's car on the driver's side, on purpose, on an intersection. For me as a complete medical layman (laywoman? XD), it sounds logical that the femur would break from an impact like that?

- What other injuries would occur alongside with it? How would these injuries, uh, interact with each other?

- Is there anyone around who DOES deal with permanent injury because of such a fracture themselves? I'd appreciate any and all descriptions of the sensations related to the long-term effects, the sort of pain or uncomfortableness that comes with it, and so on. Really, anything will help!

I searched on Google and Bing, using several combinations of "t-bone crash injuries", "side impact car crash injuries", "permanent (leg) injury car crash", "femoral fracture car crash", "femoral fracture t-bone crash", "femoral fracture long-term effects". Mostly, that brought up insurance lawyers. XD Also, I searched for the same things on the German versions of both websites, which mostly gave me auto test reports.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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