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A Bris in Germany?

Hey again folks,

And here I thought I was content in some of my knowledge in regards to certain things.

Background: MC is Jewish and was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. His family identifies with the cultural more than the religious aspect of being Jewish, and as such, have to decide whether or not to have him circumcised. Now, I know some basics thanks to this article, but MC was born in the 1980s so this wouldn't be an issue (or as much of one?) as it is now, I assume. I also know circumcision isn't as popular in Germany as America (11%, mostly Muslim or Jewish men/boys versus 55% among all male groups for America, regardless of religious, cultural, or cited medical reasons). So, my questions are:

1. I'm laboring under the assumption that MC's parents can find a clinic willing to do the procedure, but does it necessarily have to involve religion/religious ritual? Would it be as easy as making an appointment with a doctor that wants to do it and come in to have it done? In America, cultural Jews often get their child's circumcision done in the hospital (which may pose some issues if the family decides they want to be more religiously observant in some circles), but different countries do different things different ways and I don't want to assume anything. Or, is it more likely that she wouldn't have it done at all if she doesn't identify with the specifically religious aspect of the custom? I like detail, but if nothing definitive can be worked out, best guesses based on facts are also good. :)

Research: Article linked above, Google with keywords, 'circumcision clinics in Germany,' 'Germany circumcision statistics' and 'do cultural Jews have their sons circumcised?'

Thanks to any and all people answering. I'm stuck on that part and want to get back to the writing, so once I have what I'm looking for, I'll be editing to say as much and then off to get back to it.

Edit: I think I have the gist now, thanks!
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