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Mia (Mariah)

Questions About Adoption Process

Setting: Washington State - America, Massachusetts - America
Research: child adoption, custody process after death of a parent, adoption laws in Massachusetts, adoption laws in Washington, I've also gone through the custody & social services,
I'm trying to find out what would happen to my main character (a fourteen year old male) after his parents are killed in a car accident.  There is a Grandmother in the picture; she lives in the U.K. but is in a nursing home setting, and therefore unable to care for the child. His aunt would be the one to take custody of him, according to arrangements both parents made previously. However, she lives across the country, (I'm not 100% decided on where, but Massachusetts is the most likely place.) and it may take some time for her to travel to Washington. So, what would happen to the child in the mean time?

Additional Background:
The family in question has just moved to the United States after having been living in the U.K. for five years. They've only been in the states for about two weeks, and live in an extremely rural part of the state, so they don't know/have many neighbors. Both parents also are working from home, so there isn't anyone from their workplace they could contact. Would it be likely that the child in question would be placed in a temporary foster situation, or would he have a social worker of some sort stay with him until his Aunt could arrive?
Tags: usa (misc), usa: government (misc), usa: massachusetts, ~adoption, ~custody & social services

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