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Italy,1600s, two scholarly characters

Hello, it's my first post here.

Setting: Padua, year 1602
The genre is historical fantasy, but the history part has probably more weight than the fantasy

(Edited to make it sightly less confusing)
I have a character who was from a noble danish family, became a relatively prominent scholar in several fields (particularly philosophy and medicine) by the time he was 26, then (due to the plot), he pretty much disappeared for about 10 years (wandering and breaking contact with everyone) and then decided to try settling with his illegitimate toddler daughter in Padua. He knows little of the language (he's fluent in latin at least) but during those travels he did befriend two guys from a quite noble and wealthy family willing to help him and his daughter as much as they could.
Between arriving to Padua and the start of the story, about 10 years pass, both of those friends died.
He's overprotective of his daughter and really wishes she could marry to a young noble related to those friends he had (about 6 years older than the girl). He's constantly helping his potential son-in-law with stuff, yet it still seems that she obviously belongs to a different social circle.

Questions: How could I make the transition, from being completely unknown and depending almost entirely on his friends to become somewhat respectable and known in social circles (specifically, which jobs would make sense for him, at different stages of settling)? And what should he do to help his daughter get somewhat accepted in high society?

The other character is a priest. He's about 28 years old and very involved in academia. He was the youngest of a big noble family. He has many, very diverse friends, though he tends to get over excited about science and social changes, which earns him enemies.

Questions: How much freedom would a priest like him have in this setting? As in, to travel, visit friends and such? How about responsabilities? Would it be acceptable to make him have conversations with women and children often?

I wasn't too sure about what to search, I did google several terms related to life as a priest in the renaissance but I couldn't gather much that would help me
Tags: 1600-1699, italy: history, ~religion: christianity: catholicism, ~religion: christianity: historical
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