Fish Eye no Miko (fenm) wrote in little_details,
Fish Eye no Miko

How would a doctor help a heart attack victim?

Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Setting: Current-day London
Search used: "What to do if someone has a heart attack" (and similar phrasing) on WebMD, Google, and Wikipedia.

I'm writing a story in which DI Greg Lestrade has a heart attack, and Dr. John Watson (an experienced medical doctor) takes care of him until the paramedics arrive. What sorts of things might he do? I imagine he'd have him lay down, but what else? Elevate his feet? Get him aspirin (or the UK equivalent)?

Also, two other doctors (Molly Hooper [a coroner] and Mike Stamford [a friend of John's from med school]) are present.

All my searches either talked about how to ID if you yourself are having a heart attack, or went straight to, "give them CPR if they stop breathing". But isn't it possible that he'd stay conscious? And if so, what then?

Tags: uk (misc), uk: london, ~medicine: emts/paramedics, ~medicine: illnesses: heart problems
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