Blue (bluedelirium) wrote in little_details,

casinos and locksmiths

1. Is anyone familiar with locksmithing? I've seen signs advertising around my area, so I'm sure the field isn't completely dead. My questions are very general here. What's the common day's work? Income? What's the demand for locksmiths, these days? How does one become a locksmith in the first place- qualifications, training? What are the tools of the trade? Etc, etc....

2. So, um, card dealers in casinos. Basically all of the same questions as above, although I'm also interested in working environment; whether or not people usually work there between other jobs or really enjoy working there, and so on. Anything about riverboat casinos would also be appreciated- I'm thinking of the one on the Ohio River, but anything is good.

Any help on either of these would be appreciated so much, particularly the first, since I'm having more trouble finding information.

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