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Pre-Christian/Early Medieval German Life and Society

Being an avid troper, I discovered this through TV Tropes' "Writing Excuses" article. I figured, "Hey, I love researching stuff! And I need help researching all the little details for my story, anyway."

Specifically, I'm researching Pre-Christian/Medieval Germany and Ireland for a story because I'm sick of the generic "European fantasy" going around, and also sick of "Medieval ENGLAND." Finding stuff about pre-Christian Ireland is easy since I'm an Irish Reconstructionist pagan and I'm pretty much living pagan-Irish ethics (with heavy modifications for living in a modern American town), but finding stuff about Pre-Christian/Medieval Germany is considerably harder.

Most of the stuff I can find on Google ("Medieval Germany society," "pre-Christian Germany") was written by the Romans, and we all know how much spin they put on everyone who wasn't them.

I know the basics (food, geography, not having a unified state, and the king was elected from the nobles), but I'd also like whatever information people have on clothing, daily life, and folklore/religion, especially since the whole story is built on a disastrous culture clash between Fantasy-Ireland and Fantasy-Germany.

My Google searches on "German paganism" or similar phrases will inevitably lump it in with GERMANIC paganism, especially Norse mythology. *facepalm*

Thanks in advance, and if any further details or clarification are needed, I'd be happy to give them.
Tags: germany: folklore, germany: history, ~middle ages, ~worldbuilding
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