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Bullying in a Japanese high school

It's me again; same characters and scenario mentioned in this post. (Thanks to all who helped BTW)

If this guy's classmates got wind of his strange fixation with his friend, would they assume he was gay, and more importantly, would it cause him to be the butt of any homophobic bullying from them?  I'm not thinking of mere teasing or name calling, but at the same time nothing too brutal, yet still enough to hurt his feelings pretty badly and potentially plant some confusion in his mind (like, "what if they're right about me?"), adding a hefty dose of internal conflict to his relationship with his old friend.

I guess what I'm asking is would this be plausible in a Japanese high school with kids around 15-16; I don't know if male/male friendships of this closeness get pegged as "gay" in this sort of environment/culture.

I haven't done any internet research as I don't know what search terms to use, though I did ask a male friend for his perspective; he said he hasn't seen anything like this in his experience.

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