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[ANON POST] Modern-Day Military Burial/ American Vet Buried in the UK

Hi everyone!

I have a few questions concerning military burials in the UK.

~ I know that the Union flag is draped over the veteran's coffin during the burial ceremony, but is that flag folded and provided to the next of kin as a memorial flag, as in the US? (you have no idea how hard this was for me to search...)

~ One of my characters is a US veteran, who still retains his American citizenship, but has lived in the UK for decades and is buried there. How would they conduct his funeral? Would US military personell conduct the ceremony, or would the British?
Also, this character is gay, and has been in an official partership since 2005 (married in the US in 2009), though he has been with his partner for decades. I want the military officials to present his memorial flag to his brother, who then gives it to the character's partner in front of them, but since partnerships are officially legal in the UK and that's where the funeral would be conducted, would they realistically present the memorial flag to his partner? I suppose this idea came up considering only a handful of states allow/recognize partnerships/marriages, so there might be discord over this?

I've already Google'd/Yahoo'd/Ask'd terms such as 'British military burial', 'British veteran burial', 'UK memorial flag', 'UK military burial customs', as well as sifted through UK military websites and veteran sites and read a woman's question about her own father's burial, where it was an Englishman being buried in America.

Thank you for your help!
Tags: uk: military (misc), ~funerals
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