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Shopping for Upscale Menswear in NYC

And I'm back. I've just started a fic that will heavily feature shopping for men's clothing in New York, NY. I entered that phrase into google (men's clothing new york, ny), and I promptly despaired.

I don't know how relevant their styles would be, but I'll include them:

The character directing all of this shopping (Arthur from Inception, for those familiar) is particularly into suits and derivatives thereof, all probably of the bespoke/custom-made variety, or at least with some very fine tailoring. He's into very modern cuts and playing with lots of subtle patterns in the same outfit, and he tends to go for colors other than black. If there are any less-well-know places you'd recommend, I guarantee he'd know about them because he's like that. I feel like he'd also be very into good service.

The character generally being shopped for (Eames, of course) is into more relaxed fits, though still well made and fitted just like they're supposed to be, and more 1950's style cuts. He also likes loud/bright colors, bold patterns, and tweed. He's not familiar with NY, so he wouldn't be suggesting anywhere to go.

What I really want to know is where you particularly like to shop/where you wish you could shop if money wasn't an object, which it really won't be for these two. Any more casual but still high-quality places you feel like telling me about would also be greatly appreciated.

If you could also include where exactly (or just generally) the stores are so I know what sort of order to have my guys go to them, I would love you forever.

Thank you ever so much in advance, I feel like it would take me forever to figure this out on my own.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city, ~clothing
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