proudofthefish (proudofthefish) wrote in little_details,

17th Century Spanish signs of apology

Hi all,
Setting: An RPG called 7th Sea which is basically Europe at that time period with a slightly different religion and better technology.

Search: 17th century signs of affection in Spain, 17th century apologies, the spain tags on this community

Basically my male character screwed up big time and needs to apologize to his female cousin. The two are very close and also nobles from the equivalent of Spain. I am looking for some thing that siblings would do (not lovers) and also some sort of tradition that a parent would have suggested to my character when he was young that he continued into adulthood for sentimentality sake.

My first thought was flowers, but I wasn't sure if that was appropriate.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: 1600-1699, spain: history

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