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Correct Russian spelling/grammar for a specific pet name

I'd need some minor help for a very, very specific Russian pet name. I looked up former posts here about Russian pet names, but I'd like to verify this exact wording, because this is not a standard pet name.

How I've researched so far: I've done a lot of random searches for grammar of Russian, affectionate phrases, etc. too numerous to list, but I'd like to validate my assumptions with someone who speaks the language, preferably a native. Also, I've researched the word I want to use somewhat, e.g. wikipedia. The word is rather intentionally chosen instead of "демон", because I'm under the impression that this word has a bit more "primitive" or biblical feel to it than "демон". (Am I wrong?)

My question is (I hope) pretty simple. I have a Russian male character of old-fashioned, refined disposition. He would use "my demon" as a nickname of another, younger male character (his lover and subordinate/protege, who is quite an evil bastard). The word I specifically want him to use is "bes" (or "bies?") which I believe should be written "бес" in cyrillic alphabet.

So I need to know how "my demon" correctly spelled in Russian (both the closest Latin transcription and the Russian cyrillic equivalent would be nice) when using this word "бес". I assume that it would be like this:

бес мой
bes moy

But is that right? As my understanding of Russian language stands at near-zero, I'm not sure which word to choose for "my" in this case and whether it should go before or after "bes" and whether "bes" needs to be in some other grammatical case than the basic form.

Any help much appreciated! :)
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