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Technobabble for Psionics

Hey all,

Again my research has hit a snag, so I'm back.

Background: Fantasy setting. Most of the characters in my fictional party have accepted the 'hray magic' explanation for how their various abilities work, but the grumpy resident doctor isn't so convinced. As such, he starts to analyze things he runs into, and finally starts cobbling together technobabble for the things he's witnessing (since much of what he's seeing clearly wouldn't fly in the real world). He can't test any of his theories in his setting and the abilities themselves don't work where he's from, but he deals with his frustration by messing about with what-if theories. He's not a neuroscientist and I'm not shooting for strictly real science, so it's okay if things aren't fully accurate.

What I need: Technobabble for psionic things. More specifically, the language behind how someone would manipulate another's thoughts/emotions and plant ideas as well as the possible brain areas involved. I've read up on Star Trek's psionic fields, how psionics could 'marry' to real brain parts/functions and what have you, it's more the language/explanation I'm stuck on than a possible mechanism. Since the other characters he's with wouldn't understand the babble, I'll also need some 'layman's terms' for the same explanations.

What I researched: Psionic fields, planting thoughts via psionics, manipulating thoughts, the Superhero Wiki, various sci-fi sites and what the brain goes through chemically when a certain emotion is at play.

Thanks for all the help. :) Once I edit to say I've got what I need, chances are I won't be reading any subsequent replies, but I'm grateful for any help/links/replies.

Edit 2: Please direct all further correspondence to PMs. Thanks!
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