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Caning Bruises on a Healthy Young Man

I feel like this question HAS to have been asked before, but I went through the education tags, as well as Victorian era tags looking to see if anyone has asked anything similar and didn't find anything helpful...

Question: Okay, so I have a sixteen year old, healthy male in a disciplinary situation where he gets caned with a senior rod (about 10 mm thick, 75–80 cm long and made of rattan -- according to Wikipedia). The man doing the caning is a healthy, very strong 24 year old man. He hates canes and has never used one before (and has only been hit with a cane once when he was young, so he doesn't remember quite what the forces were) and REALLY wants this lesson to stick because he NEVER wants to cane the kid again. So he lays the strokes on very heavy, as in full force without breaking the cane heavy. How bad would the bruising be to the buttocks after fifteen heavy hits? What sort of pain would be reasonable for the kid to be in? Is there any permanent damage that could result and what would the warning signs be (aside from clots caused by bruises, I already know about that)?

Setting: Fantasy world set around a 1910s level of development, with Victorian/Edwardian era sensibilities. Corporal punishment is normal and socially acceptable.

Searching and Resources: Wikipedia article on Canes and caning, a BDSM handbook with basic caning information in it (mostly on how to do it RIGHT, which isn't necessarily how my characters are doing it). Sooo many BDSM websites that discuss caning and bruises (mostly on women, or if they're on men, then they were inflicted by women). A few websites on military, judiciary, and school punishment, mostly to check the feasibility of the idea in the first place.
Probably the most useful website was this one (NSFW):
http://www.sexuality.org/l/bdsm/chcane.html which discussed what can happen if you hit too hard to one area (chipped bones, ouch! Let's say that doesn't happen) but I'm looking more for bruising.

I know from my research that there are a TON of factors that affect bruising and pain in a caning, including age and health of the person being punished, so I'm looking for any BDSM practitioners who know a thing or two about caning and might have something that would help me solve this rather specific problem. Please, don't go into anything sexual or sexually explicit. This is PURELY about discipline.

Thank you so much! 

(Also, didn't this com have a BDSM tag? I thought it did...)

Tags: ~flogging, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~victorian era

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