Captain S (psychopyro) wrote in little_details,
Captain S


Ok. I know next to nothing about motorcycles.

On a sport-style motorcycle (the speedy ones), how much would full (or even empty) storage compartments on it affect the bike's overall agile performance? I.e. speed, tight turns, or how far one can tilt on it through a turn (and anything else you think might come into play during an intense situation while the bike is moving). I notice that not all sportstyle bikes have these added compartments on the side, so I wasn't sure how that worked.
If it helps, the bike is used for distance travel and small cargo, but also for hasty get-aways (as a lot of what the driver does is illegal).

Also, this character I have with this motorcycle has a tail. I know it's a stretch and maybe an absurd possibility, but could his tail be of any use in terms of balance or control?

Sorry if my questions sounded... off X.x I've been having terrible writer's block lately, and haven't been able to construct very good sentences at all.
Thanks for any help.
Tags: ~motorcycles
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