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Right on time for the Zombie Apocalypse...

Search terms have included "dangers of consuming human flesh" "cannibalism" "cannibalism with cancer" "how many people can a human adult feed" "nutritional value 200 pound man" "breast milk past two" "breast milk during pregnancy" etc.

1. Cooking and eating a man who was in the process of dying of brain cancer (so, the cannibal actually killed the victim, not the cancer) is safe as long as the cannibal does not eat the brains, right? If it's not safe, what exactly are the health risks? I've been doing a lot of googling on the health risks, and answers have been all other the place from "Same as eating any other type of meat" to "Lethal toxins." I've found nothing that specifically addresses what happens when you bring cancer into the picture.

2. Exactly how many adults could a muscular 200-pound man be stretched to feed?

Less triggering #3: I'm aware that after a certain age breast milk needs to be supplemented with solid foods, but in dire need could you make a nutritional [enough to stave off starvation for a little while longer, anyway] meal out of breast milk for a three- to four-year-old child? The woman in question is actually in the third-trimester of her first pregnancy, and the child is unrelated, so I don't imagine she'll be producing anywhere near the ideal amount of milk, but I need a better idea of what exactly would or wouldn't be accomplished with this.

EDIT: Thank you, everyone!
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