Jessica (bat_hawk) wrote in little_details,

Traveling With a Mongolian Bow

In an original story of mine, I have a character who uses a Mongolian bow (aka composite or recurved bow), and I've gotten almost everything I need to know about them; how they're made, how long it takes to make them, how they look unstrung, the thumb draw, thumb rings, all that good stuff.

What I need to know is how exactly a person would carry their bow while traveling, both while there is no possibility of attack, and while there is a fairly high possibility of attack. He is traveling on horseback. Would they keep them strung and hold them, would they sling them over their backs, would they unstring them and put them in a case, would they attach them to their saddles, or belts? My character travels quite a lot, so the matter pops up enough to be at least slightly important.

I've tried searching "carrying Mongolian bow" (and all the alternate names), and "travel with Mongolian bow", but I haven't gotten anything even vaguely related, and I can't think of any other search terms.

It's fantasy, so the time period is a bit of a mash up, but I want to know how the original Mongol warriors would have carried their bows, so, 1200 or thereabout, I guess?
Tags: asia: history, mongolia (misc), ~military (misc), ~travel: pre-modern overland, ~weapons (misc)

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