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Studying Medieval and Early Modern History at Aberystwyth University & learning Latin

Setting: Aberystwyth, Wales, 2009

Basic premise is I have a character who is taking a BA in Medieval and Early Modern History at Aberystwyth, she intends to continue with a MA and then a PhD (for any reference, she will be doing her MA at Swansea university, and her PhD in Aberystwyth [confusing I know, but the moves are plot-neccessary]). I've established through emailing admissions tutors that Swansea do not require Latin as part of their MA requirements but that it is taught at Swansea to an advanced level. I also got some information from Aberystwyth that Latin is a core part of their MA teaching, but I have not been able to get a reply about the BA. I also know Swansea do teach Latin as part of their Medieval Studies BA, but that's a slightly different scheme to what Aberystwyth offers so I'm not sure if that detail translates.

So what I have established:
- My character would want to know Latin eventually and would learn it at the earliest possibility
- My character knows no Latin before her BA
- Both Swansea and Aberystwyth would teach her Latin in the MA
- She wouldn't have to know Latin before her MA

What I need to know:
- Whether she would be able to, or have to learn Latin as part of her BA in Aberystwyth.

It's not the most important of details but it's one that I feel I should get right, especially since it really doesn't effect the plot either way.

I have searched Aberystwyth's website, Swansea's website, emailed the admissions tutors for both universities, and googled various combinations of Latin requirement BA Aberystwyth, and Aberystwyth course catalogue / class catalogue etc.
Tags: uk: education

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