Striped (striped) wrote in little_details,

What does a human bite feel like?

I'm looking for someone who has been bitten by a human so hard that the skin was pierced/blood was drawn. It's relatively easy to find first-aid manuals for this situation, but what I'm looking for is how it physically feels. What was the setting where this happened? Where in your body were you bitten? Were you scared, angry, feeling something else? What was the pain like (burning, piercing, something else)? Did it make you feel angrier, more scared, faint, numb, something else? Did you immediately know you were bleeding, or did you only notice it later?

My setting is a sex scene, but your experience might be sexual or not, and consensual or not.

I have googled for "human bite", "(wo)man bit me", and "s/he bit me". The former seems to lead to a lot of first aid instructions, and the two latter sets of search terms to either vampire fiction or really short mentions that this happened but no descriptions.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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